About Us

40 Years in Jewelry

Since 1980

Welcome to SURVIVALINN – the home of premium hunting Knives,fishing gear, outdoor survival equipment,
and handcrafted custom knives.
As a Purdue Alumni and a knife enthusiast, I take pride in designing and making knives as a profession.
Our knives are made to order by skilled craftsmen using only the best materials.
All of our blades are tempered and the hardness of the blades are rated at 56 to 58 HRC on the
Rockwell scale which holds the sharpness for a significant amount of time.
We’re proud to carry on the legacy of our father and grandfather,
who instilled in us a love and appreciation for knives.



About us Knifes

Designed and Handmade In House

A quality handmade knife combines purpose and beauty. Whether it is a hunting knife, a bushcraft knife, an EDC knife, or a kitchen knife, it should always form a harmonious unit with its owner. Custom knife making is the best way to get a tool that meets all your expectations. There are many materials, shapes, and knife designs. The appropriate choice depends on the purpose of use, taste, and personal preference. Handmade knives made to order from a knifemaker are always original. Especially if you work with natural materials. You can buy already made original knives from me or have a custom knife or just a sheath made to your liking.

I will be happy to make you a stainless steel or carbon steel knife or a Damascus knife. Each material has its advantages and it is up to you what you prefer. If you’re not sure which knife is right for you, take a look at the How to Choose a Knife page or give me a call. For inspiration, you can also take a look at my handmade knives that already have an owner. If you want, I can make you a similar one. All the knives you see here are unique and meet the highest standards. I make each knife as if I were making it for myself.