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Best Hand-Forged Damascus & Steel Axes

What we do

Survivalinn is a company that produces and sells hand-forged knives.

Blades are forged specially for Survivalinn, by experienced blacksmith who specialize in metal processing for many decades, this ensures the quality and uniqueness of each knife. Knife handle materials are purchased from various countries where the culture and development of knife production has a very long history. Unique designs are develope which guarantees very high quality and durability.

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How to take care of your knives

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  • Apply machine/gun or motor oil/lubricant to the blade surface at least once a month or after each usage.
  • Avoid fingerprints after oiling the blade.
  • To remove rust, clean the blade with gasoline, then use fine sandpaper, wipe it clean, and apply oil.
  • use shoe polish for leather sheaths, furniture wax for wood, and Brasso for brass fittings.
  • The blunt Chakmak sharpens on both sides. For faster and better results, use a sharpening stone.
  • While on display, clean dirt, waste products, etc. often picked up by the blade’s surface with a soft dry towel and kept away from water and damp.
  • Oil the blade heavily, wrap it in plastic with food wrap, and keep it out of the scabbard before storing it.
  • Store the knife dries at room temperature.